Grand Opening

{Well, not really, seeing as this isn’t my “official” blog, but nevertheless, I shall be using this blog temporarily.}

Well, my first post. šŸ™‚ I’m not gonna go off to blab about my day right now, but this post is basically to thank my wonderful online friend, Mall, for helping me with everything. She’s the one who’s gonna help me out with my “official” blog, as soon as she’s done doing her own business, and I’m quite excited. Thank you loads, love. <33

Let’s hope I remember to update everyday, though. šŸ˜‰



  1. Keshia Said:

    =o hot blog

  2. Keshia Said:

    it cut me off… i cannot wait for you to open your hosted blog. =)

  3. Mall Said:

    Looking great so far Sara. šŸ™‚
    I’m talking to ‘someone’ about them hosting you, but she’s, apparently, gone to dinner. *Cough* But now that I’m free and have nothing to work on except for PK and a little bit of my portfolio, I’ll have time to work on your blog.

    I won’t be going anywhere much (so far as I can see, no plans to go out, but who knows, tomorrow’s the weekend), still stuck in NY. Sadly. But that gives me plenty of time to come online, lol.

  4. You amuse me sometimes.. and alright if u say so.. I just find it all very .. odd.. and just humor me.. say that u promise.. And Iā€™m FREEZING.. Going Click

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